Nagai Industries

A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.

Nagai Industries — a creative game studio from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Founded in 2017 by a game industry veteran Dmitry Cluev, it provides a turn-key game development service, uniting clients and developers from different countries, using all kinds of modern hardware and software.

We do business to create art.

The name "Nagai Industries" is related to 80s – the rise of game development in Japan. At that time game development was often linked to Yakuza, due to their proximity to game clubs and Pachinko parlors. Thus, the shady business eventually helped to create a new industry that gave us many masterpieces.

Never stray from yourself.

The company's motto emphasizes that the games are made for artistic expression and not only for the money. Only the wholly immersed into the production progress individual can create something unique, unlike any other games.

Building bridges. Making connections.

Representatives of the company are often visiting game development conferences all over the globe, such as "White Nights" in Berlin, "GDC" in San Francisco, "DevGamm" in Moscow, "Nordic Game" in Malmo, "Digital Dragons" in Krakow, "Casual Connect" in London, and many others.